Thursday, April 28, 2005


I never was first chair.

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When I was little I played violin in the school orchestra but I never was first chair.

That distinction went to this boy who got private lessons since he was in the womb. I remember how my Orchestra teacher would praise him while I got yelled at often and vicious looks when my bow would screech.

Anyhow, Mr. First Chair Violin is on trial this week for molesting one of his students. While I was busy in my non-first chair life, he became a teacher.

My Mom often likes to bring up the fact that I never took to the violin. Why would I have? I wanted to play CELLO!!!
Since I had to walk a mile home every day she didn't want me to ruin a cello so I got stuck with the violin. So, I'd refuse to practice (another thing she still mentions to this day) and never played the violin again.

Mind you, nobody ever mentions why Sar who was Ms. First Chair Clarinet isn't freakin' "The New Kenny G!"

We can't all be first chair violin players in this world!

I did not know you played the violin!

My son plays the violin and has a similar story. While in high school, he was a member of a prestigous private orchestra. They toured Europe and had concerts at home. He was second violinist and always sat in the back. As his mother, I had other sights in mind and wanted him to 'move up.'

When he was chosen to go to college, he reminded me that what was important was that he played the violin in an orchestra, not where he sat, which seemed to have little, if any relevance, to the college committee. And he had to remind me, that (as I ate humble pie) that only two other students in that orchestra besides him were chosen to attend Ivy League Universitys, none of whom were first chair!

Thanks for sharing this story, sand!
I love the sound of the violins.
I played viola and I was always second chair, except when I pissed off the conductor by not selling enough popcorn and flower bulbs for the orchestra fundraiser, and from then until I quit I was third chair. I, too, yearned to play the cello but they never let me switch because of the scarcity of viola players.
Even my orchestra teacher begged me to play cello because of my long fingers but my Mom said no. I wish I had taken the opportunity to play violin more seriously. Strings have and will always be my favorite section.

Thank You for sharing B!

Oh Keeter, we could have been like Bond without the 2nd violin or cello. Maybe we can get BritMargy to join our band.
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