Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Bond No. 9 Hamptons


Kudos and raves to Luscious Cargo, in my last order I requested a sample of Bond No. 9's Hamptons but it wasn't in stock so they substituted another fragrance for it instead. Imagine my surprise today when they sent a sample of not only Bond No. 9's Hamptons but also So New York! Fabulous customer service time and again!

The vision that comes to my mind when I hear Hamptons is Martha Stewart and P. Diddy at his party together - at least I think it was held in the Hamptons. I don't really read up much on either one to verify this. I do know that P. Diddy did a white party where he required the women to be waxed all over their bodies - how this was verified I really don't want to know!

According to Beauty Cafe the notes in Hamptons are:

Top notes: lime blossom, bigarrade oil (from the bittersweet orange flower) lemony lime bergamot, and balancing stimulating armoise oil, with overtones of cedar and sage.

Middle: magnolia, white jasmine and Turkish rose.

Bottom: Amber, sandalwood, and cashmere musk

It starts off with a strong hint of lime and sage but with a sweetness to it, perhaps that's the bigarrade oil? I can't really detect the middle notes in here. And the bottom notes are very subtle with the woods being the strongest. Easily unisex and I believe it's sold as such but not overly masculine as some unisex fragrances can sometimes be.

What I like the most about this fragrance is the initial application, it smells very fresh and true for a few seconds but after it's on the skin it dries down to a rather boring and ordinary fragrance. The staying power of this is really bad on me which I find rather disappointing and I had to reapply quite frequently.

If the top notes stuck around more this would have easily been added to my wish list. I think it's a nice fragrance that would be best suited on someone else. Like I said, the top notes were incredibly refreshing making it a perfect summer fragrance!

Hamptons retails for $110/1.7 oz at Luscious Cargo or $178/3.4 oz. at Saks.

Am I crazy, or does this one smell oceanic? I only sniffed it very briefly, and put it back down in a hurry. I am not a fan of watery marine scents.
that bottles makes me want it.

oops, *bottle.* it also made me addled.

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