Saturday, July 23, 2005


Temperare 03

Temperare 03

I was looking forward to testing Temperare 03 the most out of the three Temper Chocolates fragrances with the notes of chocolate, fig, vanilla and honey all calling my name.

Temperare 03

Inspiration: The Bordeaux of the three chocolate fragrances Bold, sensual, robust, full, smooth, with a clean finish

Key Notes: Oak moss, chocolate, fig, vanilla, kukui nut, honey, sage dalmation

Description:Immediately, your head fills with intensity, richness. Painted by Italian masters on ceilings in buildings older than the America - yet this fragrance has a modern edge. It's the feeling of refurbishing something antiquated to its original splendor. The vanilla, fig, honey and chocolate are the old and the sage, and kukui are the modern twists. The oak moss is the velvet lining these treasures are lying on. This fragrance is confident, deliberate, and sensual. It's also very urban smelling - like cocktails in a late night dance club.

This is a rich fragrance that really smells incredible, it at first reminded me of this chocolate wine I tasted last year at a wine fest but after it warmed to my skin the fig was the most predominant note. It's not overly sweet as the moss makes it's mark in this fragrance, yet it doesn't have a really dry feel to it either.

You know that fragrance you get when you slow cook fruits where they still a bit sweet but are really more flavorful after the cooking process? That's what I smell, like slow cooked figs that have been cooked in a sauce made of wine, vanilla and honey and are drizzled with the tiniest touch of chocolate sauce.

This could easily be a year round fragrance that is worn from morning to evening but I think this would be a gorgeous autumn fragrance. This is by far my favorite fragrance of the Temperare line and is in serious contention of being my autumn fragrance.

Temperare 03 retails for $100/15 ml. at La Creme Beauty, LuckyScent and Luscious Cargo

God, your description is KILLING me! I NEED to try this one. I may have to break down and buy some samples - thanks a heap!



I think I seriously want.
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