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My Top Ten Summer Fragrances

18 Jan 1946 --- Style director Lee Maidman of Renoir Parfums advises perfume on the back of the knee. This is one of the two spots which generates the most heat. The other is the crook of the elbow. Less perfume should be used in hot weather. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

My Top Ten Summer Fragrances:

Antonia's Flowers' Floret Fresh, fruity and flirty. Perfect for going out or staying in with great staying power!

Guerlain's With Love Spicy, fruity fragrance that isn't too spicy nor too fruity, it's just perfect!

L'Artisan's Extrait de Songe Subtle hay fragrance with hints of wood and musk that's incredibly unique and the first thing I've been reaching for lately.

Les Parfums de Rosine's Un Zeste de Rose Fresh and light rose that even non rose lovers would love. Makes even the hottest days seem bearable.

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier's Fleur D'Iris Incredibly earthy and pure, first thing I choose when I don't feel much like wearing fragrance.

Paula Dorf's Zita Roses and grass, what a simple concept but this is no simple fragrance. Quite lovely on a summer afternoon.

Sali Oguri's Pink Manhattan Purrfume Summer in a bottle this oil lasts all day, doesn't aid in hyperpigmentation and smells wonderful!

Santa Maria Novella Melograno My signature summer fragrance that's slightly green but overall a powdery pomegranate fragrance. I love it even more when layered with the body powder.

Serge Lutens' A La Nuit This was my signature spring fragrance but my love has continued to grow for it. Such a stunning lush jasmine fragrance!

Yves Saint Laurent Roses Enchantées A green fragrance with roses that forever changed my opinion on lily of the valley. The more I wear it, the more I love it!

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(Please note: if you visit one of the sites above and the list isn't there yet, check back later in the day. Some of us are in different time zones, and some of us sleep later than others).

I think anonymous' first comment SUCKS! (Because, it's a vacuum and... I know *groan*. I have a terrible sense of humor.)

You picked ZITA! Oh I love that one. And I love your description of it, just perfect.

And like the doofus I am, I forgot Sali's. *smacks self in forehead* I'm so glad you remembered her 'fume. It is so lush and JUICY.

I didn't know that about the YSL Roses Enchantées, S. Lotv, huh? I guess I need to go try this for sure.
Great list S! I have yet to try Sali's creation soon!

Lovely list Sand.
These damn blogspammers really need to get lost!

You have me wanting to try the YSL and the MPG you mentioned!

S, Great list! There are several on there that I've never tried and your descriptions are very tempting :-)
Love your list.

A la Nuit is one of my top fragrances, and my husband's favorite.

Have you ever tried Diptique Olene? It reminds me of A La Nuit, but it has nartissium (Sp.) in it.
oh no! comment spam! but hey, you've arrived. :)

Your list is wonderful, but I can't get over that picture you found. So gorgeous!
I am a Roses Enchantees fan. It such a fresh fragrance. Perfect for springtime.

Great list best friend!!!
It is a great list! You picked A La Nuit, which I adore, as well as Un Zest de Rose. I debated for the longest time on whether to include it or not, and finally decided to include Yuzu Rouge instead.
ahhhhhhhh the YSL Roses Enchantees sounds wonderful!! xoxo
i think i have to buy a la nuit after hearing it recommended on more than one blog (it sounds fabulous)

now just have to track down somewhere in the uk that stock it...
Wonderfully sunny list! Perfect for Tx heat, I imagine. I love A La Nuit and Un Zeste. Like F, I ADORE the photo. It's too perfect for words and gorgeous!
I think your list sounds beautiful. I must try Un Zest de Rose and With Love!! =)
I'm also going to chime in and say that I looove the photo!!!
Thanks everyone!

Spammity Calamity! I was spammed eight times today on this one post.

Perhaps fate is telling me that Spam is the #1 summer scent for me!

The picture was found through Corbis and there are others in the series but felt that one fit just perfectly.
Sand, Sand, Sand...I love my sweet Sand.

Thank you to all of my perfumista pals on board for your support over these past few months since the launch. I'm forever grateful, and most of all for Sand who put the word out and helped showcase all that I've been doing. Thank you for your friendship, dear Atreau. xoxo
I hope posting this here is OK...Just wanted to let all of my precious potential customers know since I'm getting emails--yes, the special Ombligo! deal is still on until the last day of summer, Sept.21. Thanks!
Oh, and about your list. :-) It's a lovely Top 10. I'm not familiar with all of them--in fact, there are 4 that I've never smelled. I love Floret and Un Zest.
I love Rosine Zest de Rose. I've heard it's a lot like Yuzu Rouge, which I haven't tried. Have you tried Yuzu Rouge? If so what did you think of it?

Thank you!
(((Sali))) It's been one of my favorites this summer!

To Anon: I've never tried Yuzu Rouge either. Hope to land a sample and compare the two!
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