Saturday, November 12, 2005


Flowerbelle Rouse

My new years resolution for this year was to not buy anything unsniffed why was quickly broken mid-year treasure hunting at Marshalls and then again with my subsequent orders through BPAL so I don't feel too bad buying Flowerbelle's Rouse unsniffed.

The main reason I bought this unsniffed was because Colombina just raves about it! I'd heard it compared to Un Zeste de Rose and Yuzu Rouge. I just adore Un Zeste de Rose but have yet to try Yuzu Rouge.

The notes in Flowerbelle's Rouse are:

top: orange, bergamot
middle: jasmine, rose, lily of the valley
bottom note: musk

It opens up with a crisp citrus scent which dries down over a very bold, fresh rose. The other floral notes seem rather soft in the bouquet, not really evident but still play a bit part. A hint of musk but by far more citrus and rose. It's a lot bolder and more robust than Un Zeste de Rose which gets major raves in my book!
Flowerbelle Rouse original packaging.

Another one of Flowerbelle's original packaging.

I'm sad to report that Flowerbelle is no longer in production, it seems that the line wasn't profitable. So sad as I just discovered the line this past summer! My other favorites from the line are Lielac and Oceane. Flowerbelle's Lielac is hands down my favorite lilac fragrance! I believe I have samples of the other scents but have yet to test them.

Flowerbelle's website is already down but you can still find the line online!

Nordstrom has the entire line still available for $28/1.7 oz and has $5 flat fee shipping.

B-glowing has all but Blanca for $28/1.7 oz. They have 15% off with code: quick and free shipping on orders over $75.

La Creme Beauty only has Koral and Oceane left for $19.60/1.7 oz.

Maybe I should have Colombina choose all of my fragrances from now on? She can be my fragrance guru or something like that as I know she loves Parfum DelRae's Bois De Paradis which I am so in love with!

Then again maybe not, I hear she can't wear People of the Labyrinths' Luctor et Emergo which is one of my favorite fragrances! Such a shame! Maybe she's not putting forth enough effort? What kind of guru is that?!?!

Ah, this is so unfair. I tried and I tried to like POTL and what do I get? Accusations of not trying hard enough! :-)

However, to be painfully honest, I really couldn't be a guru, because I also don't like...wait for it...Nanadebary. :-) Sorry!

It is so sad that Flowerbelle is out of business. I wonder if those old-style bottles are available anywhere, I would love one of Rouse.
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