Thursday, December 15, 2005


VIP room

I haven't tested any fragrances in a while as I hadn't been feeling good. As I'm feeling better I couldn't decide on which fragrance to test first and settled on VIP Room as I'd been dying to try it for ages and I'm really glad I did.

The notes in VIP Room are: Tiare flower, bergamot, tangerine, pineapple, sandalwood, vetiver, birch, iris root, leather, styrax, amber, vanilla, musk.

I like those top notes in other fragrances but when I first sprayed it, they seemed to be a lot sweeter than I was expecting which totally threw me for a loop. Thankfully those notes seem to disappear almost instantly once the strong leather starts to come out.

As the leather dries down, the woods come out with the iris and once dried down, the amber and vanilla seem to pop out. Once dried down, the sweetness of the not notes is detectable again but they smell really nice meshed with the rest of the notes.

I'm feeling a bit mixed about VIP Room as it's the middle notes (and their strength at that stage) that I love the most about this fragrance. As it stands now, this could totally be full bottle worthy and one I'd love to have in my collection!

This is really perfect as an all day fall into winter fragrance. The only major drawback it the lasting power, it fades far too fast on me.

Want to read more reviews about VIP Room? Check out reviews on Bois de Jasmine, Now Smell This and Winter Wheat.

Aside from buying it direct from the source, you can find it at Aedes & Lucky Scent for $120/3.4oz

As I said last night. The top notes are too sweet for me as well. I sprayed this on as I was leaving Aedes and as I walked down the street I was increasingly annoyed by the pineapple. However, just like you I found middle notes quite lovely and almost slightly creamy. The woody leather drydown is pleasant enough. For me it's not quite FBW.
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