Friday, January 27, 2006


Introduction to childhood obesity?

So my cousin's wife is in town and she had car trouble. She had to spend the night along with her two kids - a girl who's two and a boy who's three. While I'm pretty much a kid myself, I'm not really into kids. I can deal with them for an hour or two and then I can't take it anymore.

I didn't understand what they were saying and basically needed a translator to talk to them, they want to touch everything and the only thing that entertains them is cartoons. I've never seen so many cartoons since I was a kid myself!

And what's up with the crying? Crying while they are going to sleep, crying when they wake up? All the time crying! How hard is life when you're two?!?!

I made sure the little girl knew there was only room for one drama queen in this house!

Last night, I covered them with stickers and sprayed the little girl with Serendipitous and this morning I taught had her to layer Starlights with Demeter's Hot Toddy.

I tried to serve them healthy snacks like popcorn and applesauce but they really weren't interested until I pulled out the container of Nutella. I got the kids hooked on Nutella and crackers.

I was very good and didn't eat any myself - thank you very much.

I certainly hope I haven't opened the pathway to childhood obesity for them!

Safe to say I don't want kids anytime soon. Can I count running after them as my workout for today? I'm seriously exhausted!

I love Nutella! My families German exchange student introduced it and marzipan to me when I was in middle school. It was then and there I knew there was a big, beautiful, yummy world outside of Murray, KY and I was going to find it...
NUTELLA! the perfect joy of the European breakfast! my grandmother gave it to me quite a bit, and i was scary-underweight until i hit puberty at 14, so no worries ;)

back in the IRC days, my favorite room had a bot that i programmed to say:

"we managed to separate lupa from her jar of Nutella... with a crowbar."
ROFL! I am not really into kids myself. I like them in small doses. I do adore my cousins, but only because they are related to me-HA!

Can you believe I have never tried nutella? I need to get on that!
Nutella is one of my favorite things in the entire world! My favorite way to eat it was spread on a toasted thin slice of pound cake!

Oh Nutella, I ♥ you!
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