Friday, January 13, 2006


Stupid genetic diseases!

This is totally my "mom" minus the accent. It's from Angry Little Girls

*sobs* As if this day didn't already suck, my sister just called to tell me she tested positive for Thalassemia which is a genetic disease that my mom was diagnosed with two years ago.

So now I have to get tested for it!

Ugh!! Thissucksasshardcoremotherfuckingsonofabitchfuckingasscrapgenesfromhell!

The bright side: Only 3-8% of the Chinese population has Thalassemia and I'm not even 100% Chinese so the odds are slim right?

Nevermind the fact that both my mom and sister have it!

I'll pretend that I was switched at birth! I don't even look like my mom or sister so that means I'm not Asian at all - being switched at birth!

That means I can't possibly have it!

Update: So now it's Saturday, I'm watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent and one of the suspects has........Thalassemia! What the hell?!?!

Ah, Atreau! I say I know how you feel, but I only split my forehead open today. Let's think positive...what are the chances all three of you have it!


the bullet hit your sister instead of you. that's my opinion. i'll be pulling for you, sweetheart!
Sand What A bitch of a thing!!!!!I think any day will be better than today . Genes can't live with them can't live with out them, but it would be nice to get along with them. So Sorry Honey so sorry ... hug katie
Thanks guys! The good news is that my sister doesn't have it as severe as my mom does. I'll have to see if I have it.

(((Sand))) That sucketh greatly! I'm seriously hoping that you're negative for this, and I'll be thinking positive thoughts for your mom and sister too.
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