Friday, February 10, 2006


Ipitythefool ring

Ipitythefool ring photographed with a mini bottle of Lulu Guinness.

A few days ago I ordered this Amethyst Double Jali Ring from Overstock.com, I really wasn't sure if I'd like it or not but couldn't wait for it to arrive.

And arrive it did! This ring is HUGE! This ring walks in the room ten minutes before I do! Seriously, this ring is almost as big as a bottle of Lulu Guinness!

I didn't read the measurements of the ring before purchasing it and was expecting something much smaller. This ring is so incredibly garish that I'd be a fool not to wear it!

This ring also serves a purpose as it's rather heavy and can easily be transformed into a weapon. I somehow doubt I'd ever have to use it as such as once people see me wearing this ring they know that I'm out to kick some ass.

I pity the fool who messes with the girl wearing this ring! I pity the fool!

Upon this ring I bestow the name: Ipitythefool.

Woohoo! Sand's got a fight ring! Well, I'm sure you have others that qualify, but THAT is a fight ring!
"This ring is so incredibly garish that I'd be a fool not to wear it!" Now THAT is a perfect sentence.
Just a second here *takes a swig and passes the champagne bottle,* are you aware of the psycho-spiritual properties of amethyst? You have one mondo sized drinking ring there! *drags sleeve across lips* -- Amethyst (according to legend and my cousin Alfredo) guards against drunkenness. With a ring like that, you can drown yourself in pink umbrella'd frothy stuff at 80 proof and never make a fool of yourself... *sigh* well then what's the fun. Nevermind. *slumps*
A jail ring would have me suspecious.

Thank you for all your kind words of support and comments on my blog, Sand.
Wow, you got yourself a gen-yoo-wine set of "amethyst knuckles." I pity the fool who messes with you!
Anything that invokes Mr. T wins my adoration. And anyone who finds invoking Mr.T as a positive clearly has superior tastes, S.

Cool ring, and it is an awesome fighting ring, heh.
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